Da mange, ngarra Kardu Darrikardu neki thamam thurran

Thamarrurr is responsible for the way of life of our people.

Kardu Ngepan ngarra Darrikardu neki

This way of life is expressed as the spirit of our people.

Thamarrurr Development Corporation Ltd (TDC) is a not-for-profit corporate entity owned by members of the four main ceremonial groups – the Wangga, Lirrga, Wulthirri and Tjanpa peoples – and established by the 20 clans of the Thamarrurr region.

TDC represents the interests of these clan groups which are patrilineal land-owning groups with clear estates and boundaries.

The statutory land trust – Daly River Port Keats Aboriginal Land Trust (DRPKALT) – holds the land on behalf of the Traditional Owners from each estate in the Thamarrurr Region. This is inalienable freehold land, held under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976.

Under Thamarrurr, all land-owning groups have traditional rights and responsibilities over their land, and are able to work together to resolve issues involving that land.

TDC plays a leadership and governance role in the region, supporting the community as they strive for economic independence and freedom from reliance on welfare and government subsidies.

Thamarrurr is derived from the local Murinhpatha language and means, ‘coming together to work as one people’. It reflects the ceremonial and traditional foundations of the region’s people.

As an indigenous owned business entity, Thamarrurr Development Corporation has a responsibility to support social and economic development within the Region, and to make sure that local kardu (people) benefit from employment and training opportunities

Tobias Nganbe

Da Ngimalmin

Current Projects

TDC provides a range of programs for the community to build a future through economic independence and freedom. We strive to bridge the gap in basic services required in the region. Below are some of the great programs we run to achieve our goals.

TDC has partnered with Orange Sky to bring laundry services to Wadeye. See how a laundry truck can change the lives of the people of Wadeye with one load of laundry at a time.

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Our team has been working hard to mentor the young men in community, helping them develop healthy habits, build productive skills and work together as a team.

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The people of Wadeye recently stormed past 1 million beverage containers being recycled through the local collection point, removing a significant volume of rubbish from the town and surrounding country.

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Your Feedback is important to us

We are continuously improving the business and services that we provide to the Kardu of the Thamarrurr region. your feedback is important to us.

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TDC Accommodation Village is only a short walk to the centre of Wadeye, with a range of services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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Employment services

TDC has multiple jobs available. Click here to start your journey with TDC.

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