TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Police & Community Partnership

Northern Territory Police have established Operation Tarn to target anti-social behavior and associated crime, which police have directly attributed to a small cohort of people from Wadeye.

Recent unrest in the community has resulted in several community members being displaced into the greater Darwin area. Some of these people have been responsible for an increase in crime and anti-social behavior. Additionally, through the operation, police have identified that there are several people who are vulnerable to being victims of crime consequent of rough sleeping or overcrowding houses and vulnerable to becoming in contact with the criminal justice system due to rough sleeping or overcrowding of homes.

Police Officers, Brendon Ohara, Trent Abbott and Daniel Shean met with Thamarrurr Engagement Group Leonard Dulla, Gordon Dulla, Peter Madigan, Joseph Thardim, Vincent Jinjair and Joshua Bunduck to develop a partnership approach to addressing this issue. The group will be going to Darwin next week to work with police and will be reaching out to people who are long grassing or staying in overcrowded housing and encouraging them to come home.

Grass Roots Management

Scott McIntyre has been rolling up his sleeves and leading the community engagement team on a grass roots community engagement mission across Wadeye.

The group have been setting up activity hubs that include the orange sky washing truck, yard maintenance equipment, rubbish trailer, a shade structure and BBQ lunch and drinks, with the aim of bringing people to yarn about how to build a peaceful community.

The sessions were all bursting with activity as families came out and did their washing, got the whipper snippers and mowers fired up and collected rubbish from around the yards. When sitting down and talking they all agreed that working together around home and family helps makes them feel peaceful. Marda pek—pek.

Village Gets a Burst of Colour

Brett and Lenny have been busy painting the curbs at the village in the colours of the aboriginal flag and it looks awesome. #GreatWorkGuys#

Rangers Keeping Crocs at Bay

The Rangers have been busy setting crocodile traps around the place to help keep our water access areas safe.

Male crocodiles become very mobile this time of year as they look for a mate for the courtship season of October and November.

Colour Story Coming to Life

The ladies of Emu Point & Wudikalpidyerr continue to work on the “Colour Story” as their CDP activity.

It was a busy few days as they collected the plants that produce the vibrant colours, dyed, painted and screened silk fabric, some of which is already made into scarves and kaftans.

After producing the fabric, sewing lessons were next and even the men of Wudikalpidyerr were keen to have a go.

Colour Story Heads to Margaret River WA

A cohort of ladies will be travelling to the Margaret River later this month, to be part of their “Colour Story” exhibition at the gallery at Mr Barval Winery.

The ladies will share their knowledge and demonstrate and showcase their weaving and bush colour skills in workshops on offer to the public. Thamarrurr will be represented by women from Emu Point, Wudi, Merrepen and hopefully Wadeye. We look forward to bringing you more stories on the “Colour Story” project as it continues to grow.

Community Engagement Office Now Open

The Top Office now has a Bottom Office, as TDC took over the lease of the downstairs offices that were previously occupied by Aboriginal Translation Services.

The offices and the verandah out front will be a safe place for the community engagement group and local people to come and yarn and contribute to the conversation about how to bring Marda Pek Pek (roughly translates to peaceful soul) back to the people of Thamarrurr.

The community engagement group comprises of members from all the ceremonial groups, and we will be working on bringing women into the group next week.

Recycling Bins Arrive

Our yellow recycling bins arrived and have been dropped off to TDC work sites to help us all get on board with recycling our cans, bottles and plastics.

The Rangers will empty the bins each Monday morning (starting the week after next). If you didn’t receive a bin and would like one for your work site please let @Stephanie, know.


Water Sampling for ENI

The Rangers have been out collecting water samples off Yelcherr Beach for ENI gas plant. The Rangers conduct Environmental monitoring on behalf of ENI. This helps ensure that there are no adverse impacts on marine life from the gas plant.

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