Wadeye Women’s Centre

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The Wadeye Women’s Centre was created by Palngun (Woman, Murrinhpatha) as a safe space for the women of Wadeye to collaborate and engage with each other.

The mission for the Women’s Centre is to empower women in all aspects of their lives. It promotes a holistic approach to activities where women gain skills beneficial to not only themselves, but their families and in turn the community.

The overarching goals, objectives, and outcomes of the Women’s Centre are to:

  • Represent female voices in decision making
  • Promote the importance of women within all aspects of Thamarrurr culture
  • Support and co-ordinate women’s cultural activities
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of participants
  • Ensure that women have a sense of safety in more spaces within Wadeye
  • Improve the home lives of children and extended families

Through the guidance of the space by the women of Wadeye over the years, Palngun have identified art as an important aspect of the Women’s Centre. This has promoted more training and learning opportunities for local staff and knowledge transfer between generations.

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