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Community leaders chose the Thamarurr Men’s Shed Program as an initiative to improve the health and well-being of men in the community. The community has identified that by improving outcomes for men, there is an improved outcome for children, women, and interconnected families.

The overarching goals, objectives, and outcomes of the Men’s Shed are to:

  • Foster greater leadership and capacity of men in the community
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of participants
  • To create more positive spaces within Wadeye
  • Improve the home life for children, women, and families
  • Reduce the rates of domestic and family violence, crime, and incarceration

The Men’s Shed Program builds on best practice approaches developed across Australia with a cultural focus to make the program cater to the needs of Indigenous men. This includes:

  • Local decision-making and leadership empowering local men to take ownership of the project and help design the program they want
  • Making the program flexible to reflect community issues and current priorities
  • Facilitating yarning circles to support men to share cultural stories and issues affecting their daily lives
  • Providing opportunities for safe and informal learning where men can pursue their interests in a pressure-free environment
  • Promoting self-esteem and identity in a culturally appropriate which leads to positive mental and physical health and benefits to the broader community, particularly children and families.

The Wadeye Men’s Shed sells unique one-off pieces. You can find some of the artwork created at the Wadeye Men’s Shed in our online store.

TDC Men’s Shed Story- 2018

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