TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Owls Coming To Life On Fabric

The women have been busy bringing fabric to life in the arts centre this week, with Naomi screening this beautiful owl piece. The fabric is sold to retailers and produced into beautiful garments like the dress (pictured above) made by Clare Jongmin’s fabric and selling in I SCREEN at Nightcliff .

The women are building their stocks to take to the Darwin Aboriginal Arts Fair on the 9th – 11th August 2024. The women’s centre is now geared up for ladies to create their own new screen designs.

If you know any ladies that are interested in learning this skill, please direct them or bring them up to the women’s centre.

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