TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Coming Together to Work as One

Representatives from the TDC Board, Kardu Diminin and Marda Pek Pek came together this week to discuss a range of things to help make community strong again.

Discussion included, mental health and taking care of ourselves and each other; ways to help the young people break bad habits and behaviours; creating a safe space at the cultural centre for people to come together; understanding the different organisations and how to help people tap into different services.

Thank you to Tobias Nganbe , Cyrill Ninnal and Lorretta Ninnal for leading the discussions and Scott McIntyre for facilitating.

Cultural Footage Digitisation

Here are just some of the 800 VHS tapes that were digitised during the Kanemkek Yile-Ngala Museum digitisation project. In collaboration with The University of Melbourne & AIATSIS , Mark Crocombe and Scott Roxburgh have been busy preserving over 2000 hours of cultural and historically significant footage which was added to the museum’s audio-visual library. The Kanamkek-Yile Ngala Museum is the keeping place for the cultural material of the Wanngka, Lirrga and Tjanpa peoples of the Thamarrurr region.

If you haven’t visited the museum , it is a really worthwhile and humbling experience, Mark Crocombe does an excellent tour, and his passion for the history of Wadeye is infectious.

White Card Certificate Course

More than 30 people attended the white card certificate course this week , delivered by Ross Campbell from the Batchelor Institute, organised by CDP. The white card will be delivered as part of a Certificate I & II in Construction , with the other units commencing in Wadeye in April.

AEC Roadshow a Raging Success

The AEC were in Wadeye this week ac-companied by Births Deaths and Mar-riages and Drive Safe NT. Over 200 birth certificates were distrib-uted and 72 people obtained their Learners, 7 passed their license test. Michael Pupuli was super excited to pass his drivers license test. He has been trying to get his license for a long time and was absolutely chuffed to fi-nally get it. Congratulations Michael , we are all very proud of you.

Kakadu Plum Products Goes Live

There have been some exciting de-velopments with the Kakadu Plums and Rare Pharm MOU. Dr Annie Holden sent through the web-site link below marketing our Kakadu plum products. They are promoting Kakadu Plum as a vitamin C rich extract that helps to brighten dark spots & dull skin, and decrease wrinkle depth. Kakadu Plum

India Textile Study Update

The ladies have had a busy month in India, learning screen printing and sewing, having health tests, playing basketball and culture days. The ladies say a big hello to everyone back home, and to let everyone know they are enjoying themselves. Big thanks to Thamarrurr Youth who continue to support the ladies while they are away.

Women’s Centre Hype of Activity

Kylie Boyd has been helping the ladies keep the women’s centre open while a new coordinator is recruited. There was a hype of activity with the women working on new lino print de-signs and printing some samples as they go.

The Amazing Swordfish Tale

The satellite tag that the Thamarrurr rangers recently retrieved was originally deployed on a 4.5m large-tooth sawfish! The sawfish was tagged in September with the involvement of the Uunguu Rangers near the mouth of the Roe River in the Kimberly’s

It detached from the animal in November and drifted around for about 6 weeks before washing up on Cape Scott. This was an archival tag that records and stores high resolution data on the location and movement of the animal. As far as we know, this is the first successful satellite tagging of a large-tooth sawfish, and the data collected will aid in the conservation and management of the species.

Felt Hat Fiend Mystery Solved

Suspicious minds were working overtime in Men’s Shed following the disappearance of a much-loved fur felt hat. The atmosphere was tense, and people were giving each other sideways glances, trying to figure out who the culprit might be. The Men’s Shed was equipped with CCTV, so the local detectives got to work. Super Sleuth Detective PZ was in charge and the investigation was on. They quickly established a time frame and set up a crime scene, ready to catch the thief. After accessing the footage and going through it thoroughly, the detectives were certain they had their man.

They saw the suspect lurking around where the hat was last seen, and then they watched as he walked towards the chair where the hat was sitting. But at the last minute, the suspect stepped to the side and sat down near the hat. The detectives were all on edge, waiting for the suspect to make his move. They were sure he was just biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch the hat and run. Tick tock, tick tock – the seconds on the CCTV were ticking away, and tension was building in the room. And then, in a flash of gold and brown, a dingo burst through the door and in one swift move, the dingo lunged at the hat, grabbed it in its jaws, and ran off, tail wagging triumphantly. The detectives were left stunned, looking at each other in disbelief but they couldn’t help but laugh. And so, the mystery of the stolen hat was solved. It wasn’t the work of a cunning thief after all – it was just a dingo who had a thing for fancy headwear. Thank you Men’s Shed for sharing this story.

Meet the New CDP Team

CDP has a full crew again with Lynne R, Ebony and Nancy joining the Wadeye team recently. With Amy and Con based in Darwin, Kylie supporting the Women’s Centre temporarily, and Lynne J at the helm, the CDP team are on fire.

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