TDC Cadetship Program

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In 2020, TDC commenced the TDC Cadetship Program. The concept was born from the reoccurring issue of job shortages in the community for Kardu transitioning from school to work. It is a great example of a co-designed program by community leaders and T.D.C.

The program employs people with significant potential in administrative roles within the organisation. This exposure to working within TDC gives young people:

  • The ability to earn an income while learning
  • Jobs in community
  • Exposure to decision-making processes
  • Opportunities to access formal mentoring
  • Career development

The Cadetship Program aims to evolve into a flexible and ongoing pathway of employment for young people from Wadeye and the Thamarrurr region. If you would like to become a part of this program please contact us on (08) 8941 1111.