TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Vehicles Behaving Badly

The Ranger women were unpleasantly reminded that the wet season is here, and the roads can be unpredictable. After several failed attempts to get the vehicle out of the bog, Mark Crocombe came to the rescue.

When heading out bush in the wet, remember to be wary of deviating away from established roads and tracks, lock in both wheel hubs and use low range.

New Faces in the Darwin Office

Virginia Gilbert, Beatrice Tcherna and Naomi Tcherna have recently joined the Darwin Office Team, manning the front desk and phones.

The ladies have relocated to Darwin for various reasons and have been keen to work since arriving.

It is great to have some help in the front office, managing the increase in walk in foot traffic.

Congratulations ladies, it is great to have you working in our team.

Getting to Know CDP

Lynne and the CDP Team have been busy organizing a mini conference, to be held in Wadeye on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

The aim of the conference is to bring the team and stakeholders together to ensure the current, new & upskilled CDP team are aware of CDP direction & expectations (Day 1), and to update TDC Board, Management & Community on the who, what and how of CDP to enable better collaboration with CDP current & potential projects (Day 2).

There will be speakers from each of the TDC hosted activities as well as NIAA, OLHSC and Saltbush Enterprises.

Lynne Jackson will be bringing every-body up to speed on the CDP trials being run this year. #GoCDP#

Woodycupaldiya Art

Patricia and the ladies from Woodycupaldiya have been busy creating beautiful art pieces.

Woodycupaldiya and Emu Point artists are collaborating to form a Homelands Art Collective to market distribute their work.

Yantjarrwu Shed in Woodycupaldiya is now being leased from the Yantjarrwu Corporation to provide the artists with a safe space to do their art.

This project is funded as a CDP Activity and is a great example of communities and organizations working together.

New Builds Rocking Along

James Jimarin, Xa-vier Munar and Gerard Nunjulu have been busy working up at the Nilinh new builds. TDC have stood six houses and are in the middle of standing one the first four-bedroom dwellings Two of the three-bedroom houses are scheduled for a handover on the 14th of February.

The Battle of the Grasses

Patrick Munar , Xavier Longmair and Steve Carr have been engaged in a battle in the war on the grasses , and it is starting to look like they are winning!

Top Camp houses are looking great, with lawns mowed and rubbish under control. Keeping the vegetation down with all the rain has been a massive job for the boys and they are doing an awesome job! #GoTeam#

India Exchange Update

The ladies have all settled into their new India experience and TY Darwin coordinators are back in Australia. One participant has returned home for personal reasons, but the rest of the group is going strong.

A huge congratulations to Bec Crawley, Eve and all the Thamarrurr Youth Team for getting this exciting partnership with Centurion University off the ground.

Back on Track Drivers Course

The Back on Track drivers’ course was delivered in Wadeye this week, with several participants attending, as they work towards getting their drivers licenses reinstated.

The course is designed to provide participants with information about the effects of Alcohol and Other Drug use and the direct impact it has on themselves, their families and the broader community.

Key learning outcomes include:

• Understanding the physical, social and emotional impacts of Alcohol and Other Drugs

• Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and standard drinks

• Understanding the legal issues that relate to the misuse of alcohol and other drugs

• Develop effective personal strategies to avoid Drink/Drug Driving in high-risk situations

• Assist participants consider the consequences of their behavior in their own life and of others

• Understand and develop self-awareness around dependency behaviors

• Provide information about other complementary alcohol and other drugs support services

If you know anyone that will benefit from running this course again, please let Lynne Jackson in CDP know ASAP.


The Territories Stolen Generations Re-dress Scheme provides support to Stolen Generations survivors who were removed from their families or communities .

The Scheme seeks to recognize the harm and trauma experienced by Stolen Generations survivors who were removed from their families or communities in the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory or the Jervis Bay Territory.

The Scheme is a financial and wellbeing package that:

• Makes payments in recognition of the harm caused by removal from family or community.

• Assists with the healing of this trauma for the Stolen Generations survivors who were removed in the territories.

• Help survivors gain access to free support services.

• Gives survivors the choice to tell their story.

If you have queries about this scheme, please refer people to call 1800 566 111. For more information visit

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