Permits and Travel

Aboriginal Land and Permits

“The land and waters of the Thamarrurr Region have significant natural, cultural, spiritual, social and economic values to the Traditional Owners. We ask that all visitors recognise these values and respect this Country and the people”

The Thamarrurr Region is part of the Daly River Port Keats Aboriginal Land Trust (DRPKALT). The DRPKALT is private land that belongs to the Traditional Owners of the region and is protected by the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT)1976.

A permit system is in place, so if you wish to visit the Thamarrurr region to enter Aboriginal land or waters (including tidal zones) or travel by road through Aboriginal land (excluding public roads), you must apply to the Northern Land Council (NLC) for a permit.

If you wish to pursue a commercial activity in the region, you will need to apply for a section 19 land use agreement.

The permit system is in place to protect the privacy of Aboriginal communities as well as preserve Aboriginal culture, safeguard the natural environment and promote visitor safety. All permit applications are decided on by the Traditional Owners.

Sacred sites with significant cultural meanings are also present throughout the region. Under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act it is an offence to enter a sacred site without approval.

Permission to access sites can only be obtained from Traditional Owners through the processes outlined by the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.

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Access to the Region

Access by road to Wadeye, Palumpa, Peppimenarti and the surrounding region is possible from April to December depending on wet season rainfall. Access is by the Daly River-Port Keats Road, which is unsealed from the Daly River Crossing. Travel time from Darwin by road is about 5 ½ hours to Wadeye, 5 hours to Palumpa and 4 hours to Peppimenarti, in the dry season. During the wet season (December to April) the road is closed due to flooding in parts.

Murin Travel and Freight Service provide a daily air service from Darwin to Wadeye and return using turbo-prop, 19 seat aircraft. From Monday to Friday there are two flights each way every day. During the weekend, there is only one flight each way. The service runs all year round and the flight takes about 45 minutes. Murin also provides a weekly freight barge service from Darwin to Wadeye during the wet season, and a road freight service during the dry season.

Th communities of Peppimenarti and Palumpa are also accessible by air service. The mail plane operates on Tuesdays and Fridays, and charter flights are available. They are also able to access the weekly Murin freight service.

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