Kardu Caring for Kardu

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Aged Care

Thamarrurr Aged Care is the region’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (NATSI) flexible aged care program. It provides a safe space for the senior people of the Thamarrurr region to receive culturally appropriate care. It also respects the cultural values and kinships systems by allowing them to remain connected in the community, to be close to family and to have access to Country.

The program employs local staff and encourages the concept of “Kardu caring for Kardu” (people caring for people, Murrinhpatha).

The aged care program is flexible and delivers a mix of aged care services that meet the communities needs and cultural requirements. The program also allows for collaboration with other service providers who wish to provide activities for the Elders and promote intergenerational knowledge transfer.

Aged care services include:

  • Respite
  • Meal delivery
  • Allied health
  • Personal care
  • Culturally appropriate tailor-made activities.

The Aged Care Centre is also currently undergoing a redevelopment and upgrade to further improve the centre’s facilities and health outcomes for our residents.

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