TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Broadcasting Upgrade a Blast

The wide area network installs across the Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association (TEABBA) footprint have finally been completed!

This means that all of the remote indigenous broadcasting services in the N.T. like Wadeye, Palumpa and Peppimenarti radio are now connected to the TEABBA control Centre in Darwin.

This will provide better technical assistance and remote training opportunities. It will also allow the team to focus on broadcasting and not get bogged down in the technical side of things.

The music library has also been updated with over 2500 new songs, which was well overdue.

Depending on which community you are in, you can tune into Wadeye, Palumpa or Peppimenrti radio on 106.1fm

Listen out for some fresh new tunes!

Recycling to Make a Color Story

CDP is very excited to have Kellie & Candice from Dillybag working with the ladies from Merrepan, Nemarluk, Peppi, Emu Point & Wudikalpidyerr on new techniques for “The Colour Story” project.

The week commenced in Merrepan & Nemarluk, with a huge “colour” collection morning. Using natural colour, the ladies will be working with a range of mediums including sand palm, pandanus, recycled clothing & silk that is being turned into fashion items. Capturing the budding artists, there was plenty of opportunity for the youngsters to get involved.

Docherty Island Project

The Rangers took the Nganbe family out to Docherty Island this week to start mapping out a new infrastructure project on the island.

The group came across massive sea swells and got tossed around the boat, cutting the trip to Docherty short.

The group also headed out to do their gas line maintenance checks as part of the Ranger contract with ENI.

Men’s Art Room with a View

The men have been busy making the Men’s Shed Art room more inviting for people to come and view the amazing art. The bench in the middle is so that people can sit and enjoy the artwork.

They have also been busy working on safety policies and rules and will be working hard to make sure they have a safe space for the men to enjoy.

The new rules will make it clear that anyone doing anything dangerous will be asked to leave. #SafetyFIrst#

Alfred Goes Bananas

Alfred Thardim and Adrian Marshall were excited to find a banana plantation randomly growing in the middle of nowhere at Pengkina.

The pair found the fruiting suckers while looking for a bore site on Thardim country.

Alfred is very excited to be working with Adrian to develop a plan to raise cattle. Alfred comes from a long line of stockmen and is hoping to build a business for his family.

Kakadu Plum Beauty Products

TDC is supporting the aspirations of the local women and has entered into a business partnership with a cosmetics business, RarePharm, to jointly produce and market a Kakadu Plum extract for the cosmetics industry.

This builds on discussion with community members about the Kakadu Plum business where Traditional Owners said they want to be involved in the business in more ways.

Anastasia Carlton, Beatrice Tcherna, Naomi Tcherna and Carla Nicolas came from Wadeye to the Winnellie office for a week to make the extract with RarePharm. Around 50 L of extract was produced. The extract is being tested by Southern Cross University, for Vitamin content and microbes.

The extract will be sent to cosmetic manufactures in Australia and overseas. Since the workshop we have met with several suppliers in the cosmetic industry who are interested in buying or selling the product.

We are hoping this will lead to an opportunity for Wadeye ladies to be involved in extract manufacture several times a year and be involved in marketing with opportunities such as travelling to trade shows.

The Kakadu Plum has the highest Vitamin C content of any known plant and has 100 times the Vitamin C content than an orange!

This is a very exciting development for the local plum industry. A huge thanks to Chris Brady for making this happen.

Sharing Ellen’s Artistic Talent

Miss Ellen Wundjar popped into the CDP office and brought some of her fantastic artwork to show the team. The emu print is absolutely stunning and very detailed. Thank you for sharing.

#Great Work Ellen #

CDP Wudikapildyerr is Blooming

Check out some of the great work coming out of Wudikapildyerr!

The art is produced in the Wudikapildyerr Women’s Centre with our CDP Supervisor Patricia Parry and the ladies.

The garden was created by our CDP Supervisor Kenny Ah Fat and his team. They have produced an amazing range of fresh vegetables this year, including zucchini, cucumber, corn, and lettuce.

They have also planted a heap of fruit trees, and everyone is excited to see them fruiting!

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