Housing and Construction delivers new program

TDC’s Housing and construction team are the current service providers of Tenancy Management Services throughout the Thamarrurr region. This service is delivered on behalf of the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities (NTG).

The Team were recently awarded a renewed contract with new objectives in service delivery. From the 1st of May 2022 to the 30th of June 2023, the new “Living Strong Program” will be delivered.

There are currently 447 Homes to maintain and 330 Homes that will receive the Living Strong Program.


The new program will link with TDC’s Healthy Homes Programs to ensure success through culturally appropriate collaboration. The Contract provides the employment of Community Housing Officers. It aims to increase Kardu engagement in training activities. It also provides opportunities for employment and training for local residents.

The Department currently receives funding under the National Partnership for Remote Housing Northern Territory (NPRHNT).

Tenancy Management is one part of a strategic approach to improving living conditions in the Thamarrurr region.

The NPRHNT Joint Steering Committee’s mission is to build a framework around the concept of “our community, our Future, our Homes.”

A team of one non-local and two local staff currently deliver the Tenancy Services in Wadeye. The team are aiming to expand and to train and employ two more local staff to deliver this service to the community.