Healthy Homes in the Thamarrurr Region

At Healthy Homes, our focus is on improving housing, living conditions, and environmental health in Wadeye. Our collaborative approach brings together local organizations such as the health clinic, safe house, aged care, and other service providers to address community safety and key health issues.

Through this program, we ensure that services work together seamlessly with clear channels of communication, enabling us to efficiently tackle a range of different health issues.

Our team at Healthy Homes includes service providers such as the clinic, Save the Children, CatholicCare, aged care, safe house, NDIS, and others. They have the ability to provide referrals to community members and the Healthy Homes team if they become aware of any issues.

In addition to addressing health concerns, Healthy Homes also provides jobs and professional development opportunities for local staff. We believe in building the capacity and awareness of community members through education and support in maintaining a healthy home.

Healthy Homes has a number of different programs that address key health issues faced by community members.