TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Town Planning Meeting

TDC were invited to a town planning meeting, hosted by KDC, with the Fulcrum Agency facilitating the consultation and town planning process.

The meeting included digital presentations of proposed new buildings including the new Shopping Complex and the Aged Care facility. A scaled model of Wadeye , Nillinh and Manthathpe has been developed so people can visualise what the town might look like, and they can physically move things around to map out new buildings and facilities on the model. Awesome job Fulrcum !

John Larkin gave a presentation on the Aged Care facility and TDC will be meeting with KDC on the new facility next week.

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