TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

2023 Rangers Four-Wheel Drive and Recovery Techniques Training

The Rangers headed out this week to do 4WD Recovery Techniques Training, and there was no shortage of opportunities to get vehicles bogged in different ways.

The group got hands on practice using the various recovery techniques required to retrieve vehicles in a range of situations.

4WD Recovery Training Continued….

Understanding how to drive to conditions and how to recover a vehicle that gets stuck are important skills to have in our landscape, and determining the type of driving and recovery operation required to meet conditions is essential.

The group also learned the importance of having the right recovery tools on hand when heading out bush.

Recovery tracks, winch, extension straps and shovel are just a few of the “never leave home without them” pieces of equipment this time of year, and don’t forget the SAT phone. #Great Work Rangers#

Women’s Centre Does Manthape

It was nice to have a break in the rain and the women took the opportunity to take their activities outdoors and headed up to Manthape to get together and have some fun with the women over there.

With pedestrian bush tracks cut off from the rain, getting around the community is not always easy, so it was great that the women’s Centre could take the much-loved game of BINGO over to Manthape.

The kids popped in and had some watermelon and it was great to see the women enjoying themselves and each other’s company over a game of BINGO.

Congratulations Amaya and Thamarrurr Youth Future Leaders Project

Congratulations to Amaya Chula who has been accepted to study marine biology at the University of Tasmania, where she will pursue her passion for protecting sea animals.

Amaya will become the first person in her family to go to university and hopes her university acceptance will inspire others in remote Northern Territory communities.

Amaya spent five years studying at Bright P-12 College as part of the exchange program run by Thamarrurr Youth, which is supported by the NIAA Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) initiative.

Great work Amaya and thank you to Thamarrurr Youth for all the work you do in supporting young people to expand their horizons.

Black Canvas Colour Story

The homelands ladies are adding to their color story suite of products and are trialing painting on black canvas. This beautiful piece created by Lorna Thomas from Emu Point, is heading to Mr Baval, Dillybag gallery in WA. Awesome work Lorna, we look forward to seeing more great pieces of work.


Break Ins and Vandalism Rifle

A big shout out to the Housing & Construction Team who have been overwhelmed with responding to property damage across community. The H&C Team are always quick to get on the scene to secure buildings after a break in and have been run off their feet over the past weeks.

We were left completely bemused this week, after thieves ransacked and stole goods from the PWAC accommodation over a four-day period. The activity was reported, but the thieves declared to police they had permission to take the goods and so, brazenly, furniture and white goods were seen being carted up the road without any intervention for four days.

Thanks to H&C for your intervention and for securing the premises, albeit it was too late to save the goods, and the damage left behind was devastating. This is the second massive destruction of essential workers’ accommodation in the last 6 months.

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