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Thamarrurr Development Corporation Ltd is a not-for-profit corporate entity owned by members of the Wangka, Lirrga and Tjanpa peoples. It has been established by the 20 clans of the Thamarrurr Region, to represent them in relation to business, socio-economic development, employment and training. TDC is the representative entity for people of the Region, as they strive for economic independence and freedom from reliance on welfare and government subsidies.

Thamarrurr Development Corporation was established in 2008, prior to the implementation of the NT Local Government Reforms in 2009. The people were conscious of the potential impact the reform would have on their own model of local governance, through Thamarrurr Regional Council (TRC). They commenced the establishment of TDC to ensure they still had their own structure to undertake business activities and continue to address socio-economic development in the Region. Subsequently, TRC was subsumed by the Victoria Daly Shire Council, and non-core functions in the Thamarrurr Region were transferred to TDC.


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