TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

CEO Message – Scott McIntyre

These past few weeks have been very confronting and distressing for all of the community and our team. In the absence of any coordinated emergency response leadership, the TDC team has been on the front foot, stepping up to support displaced family groups and people unable to leave their homes to buy food. While our team has remained impartial and have been supporting the whole community, I am aware that some of our team have been targeted and abused when family groups witness our staff helping “the other side”. This can be demoralizing, when all best efforts to remain neutral and help out are not recognized and can feel unvalued. Please know that this is not personal, it is just a heat of the moment distress response to what is happening. Thank you to all of our team who have stepped up to provide aid and support in all shapes and forms until a coordinated response was enacted. Aneurin from Chief Ministers has now been given the task of coordinating the emergency recovery response, so please refer any and all requests for help that you get through to Aneurin on 0429 834 945. He will then coordinate the response required and let us know if their response is required from TDC.

Politicians Meet with TDC & TO’s

Traditional Owners and members of TDC Executive Team met with NTG Police Minister, Nicole Manison; remote Housing Minister Chansey Paech and the local member Dheran Young to discuss the immediate needs of community in the current unrest. The immediate response has been an increased police presence, rapid assessment of damage by NTG housing, formulation of an emergency recovery team lead by Aneurin Townsend in Chief Ministers Office and a commitment to review looking at the layout of Wadeye and where to develop new housing, and where government gives support to the homelands.

In a separate meeting with Senator Malarndirri McCarthy and Senate hopeful Marion Scrymgour , they announced that the Labour party have committed $100 million to support homeland development if they are elected.

Savanah Fire Management

The Rangers have been out burning remote country from the helicopter. They go up with one of the senior traditional owners to ensure that they don’t burn sensitive areas.

It is a great opportunity to visit places that would others take days to walk to.

It is fantastic that in all of the chaos in town, Peter Sheldon and the Fire Rangers are still able to perform their duties on country.

Building the Essentials

A massive shout out to the Healthy Homes Team who have been building long drop toilets and other basic essential infrastructure to the people who have relocated to Kudantiga to escape the violence in town.

The Healthy Homes team have been working around the clock to provide food and other essential items to all the makeshift camps around Wadeye to support all of the displaced family groups.

Thank you to James Bryant for your leadership and to the team for getting stuck in to do whatever needed doing.

Cooking Up a Storm

Thamarrurr Youth and TDC Youth Group had the beats pumping in the kitchen as they cooked up a storm.

The group cooked big pots of stews and packed them into single serves and distributed around 200 meals across the community in one day.

The group had started the week cooking stews out in the camps and other locations but found themselves swamped with hungry people. They decided to change tact and cook up in the kitchen and disperse the food.

A big shout out to the team who not only spent their day cooking and dancing to the beats, but left the kitchen in immaculate condition, cleaner than when they started.

TDC sends a huge thank you to Thomas Crawley and Lea Brady for all their amazing efforts to lead the teams, source food and feed the community.

#Great Work Team#

Keeping the Show On The Road

A huge thank you to Moses Tipiloura from Healthy Homes for helping the Village out with yard maintenance this week while they have been short staffed. Moses did a wonderful job, so if you are looking at having any garden maintenance done, please reach out to the Healthy Homes team.

Barunga Festival

TDC has booked a stall at the Barunga Festival for interested people to showcase and sell their crafts. We will also be sponsoring a sports team to attend the festival in August and expressions of interest in participating will be sent out shortly.

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