TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Message from the Directors of TDC

Thank you TDC team for your hard work making sure our people are safe especially in Darwin.

COVID is here now, we just have to do the right thing now to keep the people of Thamarrurr safe. But make sure number 1 (you) comes first. Look after yourselves so you keep strong to look after the people of Thamarrurr. TDC is a strong team. Just wanted to let you know, thank you. Mampa-ya.

Message from Acting CEO Mark Ashley

Thanks to all of our team, some of whom are involved in the emergency response and some who are keeping our business going in these uncertain times.

In any emergency response, things will change quickly and the agility of our team to adjust to whatever plays out will be important. In the short time that COVID has been in community, we have seen all of our team pull together and do what needs to be done and we are very proud of our team. This is not going to be a sprint, it will be a marathon, and it’s important that everyone takes care of themselves.

We can’t take care of others if we don’t look after ourselves. Reach out if you are not going ok and if you are worried about anything, including the decisions being made, do not hesitate to reach out and call me.

Falling Between the Cracks

CEO Scott McIntyre spoke to ABC News in the lead up to the outbreak, to warn that indigenous people were falling through the cracks in the COVID- 19 testing regime, and more needed to be done to facilitate testing and supporting indigenous people in the wake of the Omicron outbreak.

TDC and Murin have been working together to support people stranded in town, facilitating transfers to and from CNR as needed, and the first mob of community people were released from CNR and heading home soon.

Coming Home from CNR

It was all joy and cheers on the bus, as 17 of our local people were released from the Centre of National Resilience and looking forward to heading home to community.

Thank you to Anne Button Smith and John Gawen for all the work you have done, to keep our people in Darwin safe and help them get home.

Palumpa COVID Sleep Out

The rapidly growing number of positive cases in Palumpa caused chaos as the TDC team, ALPA and NTG Clinic all pulled together to provide an emergency isolation holding facility until emergency evacuations could be mobilized.

Jema and Rhys managed to transform the resource Centre into an emergency sleep over facility and prepare meals to provide to all of the people in isolation.

A massive thanks to Rhys and Jema who have been preparing meals and beds at Palumpa in all the chaos.

John Gawen has been helping in the back end to help coordinate the Palumpa response, supported by Anne, Lynne and the TDC Team.

Village Transforms into ISO

Abbey Dorrington has been an absolute legend in preparing the Village accommodation, as it braces for an emergency response to COVID-19 in community. The Village has supported two positive cases and the preparation in this rapid response has been amazing. We expect that the pressure on facilities in Wadeye will be relative to the rate of testing, so we anticipate we will see an increase in demand when testing increases later next week.

COVID – 19 Bulletins

TDC will keep sending internal COVID updates via the Teams general channels. The bulletins are numbered so we can refer to outdated information as the situation and directions continue to change.

The Exec and Managers are meeting frequently to keep everyone updated.

Please do not be concerned or alarmed at the constant rate of change of decisions and directions. While this can seem somewhat chaotic, this is completely normal in emergency response situations.

Scotty Roxburgh is keeping community updated with social media communications.

We expect the situation to escalate in the coming weeks. Accurate and up-dated communication will be an important part of dispelling misinformation and helping keep things calm.

Farewell Tom Burgess

On Friday we said farewell to Healthy Homes Manager, Tom Burgess who has finished up in his role and leaving the community of Wadeye.

Tom has been with TDC for over two years and has been instrumental in leading the healthy homes activities and building the skills and confidence of local participants. We wish Tom and his family all the very best in their future endeavors, and thank him all his hard work and commitment. These will be big boots to fill.

CDP Goes Mobile

CDP has gone mobile with tablets, making it easier to attend contact appointments, to ensure details are up to date, and to have any queries and requests around employment logged into the system in real time.

Over the coming weeks (COVID De-pending) , our Wadeye based, CDP Case Worker team will be heading out of the office to meet with our participants while they are attending their CDP Activities.

Look out for one of our CDP team, coming soon, to an activity near you!

Keeping Calm and Busy

Taryn and the Aged Care team have been organizing some calming activities for the aged care ladies, who are enjoying some bright painting, and each other’s company, keeping their minds off COVID!! This is a very concerning time for locals and preserving some normality where we can is just as important as the emergency response.

Zachariah Makes It Out to MITS

In the chaos and confusion, we still managed to get Zachariah (Year 9) off to the airport to get to Melbourne where he can start his third year at MITS! His family were very sad to see him go, but excited for him. They said he loves playing footy and getting involved with the Richmond AFL team!

Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) supports young Indigenous people as they pursue away from home schooling in Melbourne. #GoZachariah#

Beach Walk to Calm the Soul

Aged Care Nursing Staff Linda Routley took resident Mavis Mullumbuck on an outing to the beach. There is nothing like a beach walk to calm the soul in times of uncertainty.

Outdoor Mask Mandate

From 6 pm Saturday there is an NT wide outdoor mask mandate.

The new mandate will apply to people aged 12 and over outdoors whenever they cannot maintain a 1.5 distance from others but will not apply while exercising. The NT-wide indoor mask mandate remains in place.

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