TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Kardu Kumparra, Tobias Nganbe new leadership role

In the coming weeks, Tobias will be stepping aside as Kardu Kumparra to oversee the Da Ngimalmin Child and Family Centre.

The Child and Family Centre will be operated by an Aboriginal Community Committee, who will ensure the aspirations of the local community are met, and will coordinate the delivery of sup-port services to children, young people and families and assist them to navigate the local service system. Da Ngimalmin will deliver services that strengthen family and community capacity to raise children successfully.

Tobias, who is a former Catholic school principal and a Senior Rak Kirnmu man, has been in leadership roles in TDC since 2015.

Tobias will be succeeded my Leon Melpi who has been an active Director of TDC, and in a previous work life was a councilor on the West Daly Regional Council.

Tobias leaves the role of Kardu Kumparra feeling confident that TDC has built a strong and dedicated team to serve community.

“During COVID, TDC stepped up to do what our people needed. We understood that the borders needed to open up. All cultures value family, not just aboriginal culture , and many people had not seen families for a long time. But the government did not do enough for our people when it opened the borders. I say this not as an aboriginal man, but as a human. It did not do enough to support our people. TDC helped our people, and we are thankful and proud of TDC. God Bless”

TDC Partners with AEC

TDC is very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Australian Elec-toral Commission (AEC), working to increase Indigenous electoral participation in our region.

This partnership will be managed through the CDP offices in Wadeye, Palumpa & Peppimenarti, with a range of casual employment opportunities available. There will be jobs for local people in community as AEC educators, manning polling booths at election time, and community engagement officers.

Wadeye is the largest voting base in the West Arnhem region and it is estimated that only 40% of eligible people in Wadeye voted in the last election. With so many important issues in community, it is important that community has its say at election time. Further information will be provided in each of the CDP offices as it becomes available.

Congratulations and thank you to Lynne for the all the work in getting this partnership in place with the AEC.

Smiles All Round for Mavis

Our 1st Aged Care resident who endured 10 days of isolation, was out of isolation at noon on Thursday and the women could not have been happier.

Mavis was very excited to leave her room and was welcomed by the other ladies who gave Mavis a round of applause. Lots of laughs and conversations were held when Mavis joined them at the table.

A huge shout out to Anne, Taryn, Carlene, Linda, Colleen and the Aged Care team for all the care and support you have provided to the women through-out the COVID outbreak.

No Stopping These Guys

Not even a cyclone looming in the background could stop these guys. The H&C team work long, hard days, building new houses on Airport Drive. The houses are going up at a rapid rate with two of the houses ready for roofing #GoTeam#.

Open for Business

Thank you to all of our team at the Village who have done an amazing job at developing, implementing, maintaining and now exiting the COVID isolation facility systems and procedures. It was an awesome effort from all involved.

The dining room at the village is back open for business with only minor restrictions including the numbers of people allowed at one time.

The limitations within the fence perimeter have lifted so customers are no longer required to wait at the gate and security at the gate has been lifted. The takeaway is back to normal with the only restriction being a maximum of people at one time. The hygiene team will be leaving next Tuesday, with Cindy due back to take over the reins in the cleaning space. It is great to see everything settling down as we all get used to our new normal and living with COVID in community.

A special thanks to Abbey Dorrington whose leadership in managing the con-version of the village to an isolation facility has been exemplary. . Cheers Mark

Orange Sky Resumes

We will be resuming the Orange Sky laundry service on Monday 28th of February after a short break due to COVID-19!

The team is keen to get back out into community so that community members have access to washing facilities again, with a few added precautions to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep everyone safe.

COVID Hygiene Team Heading Home

The Delaware, Northern Rise Village Services team are heading home next Tuesday, having spent four weeks in Wadeye cleaning community facilities during the COVID outbreak.

They are pictured getting ready to clean the Aged Care facility, and have worked 7 days a week cleaning the Palumpa Resource Centre, CDP offices, the Men’s Shed , the Women’s Centre, all of our offices and other shared hot spot facilities around community. The team will only be a phone call away if we have another rapid out-break and to provide training to our team as and when needed. Thanks to the team, who have been rotating staff in and out during the COVID outbreak.

Information Architecture Audit

Kim Edmundson will be working with consultancy group Miktysh, who are undertaking an information architecture audit, and will assist in developing a plan to streamline our information management, particularly in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

The ultimate goal is to build and implement a SharePoint based information architecture (IA) to improve the information management maturity of TDC and move toward a compliant digital information management landscape.

All business units will be invited to workshops to contribute to the discussion around information management.

If you are invited to a workshop, please ensure you make the time to provide your feedback into the process.

Mapping the Digital Gap

RMIT University has partnered with a number of remote indigenous organizations, including Wadeye, to map the digital gaps in remote communities .

Now that COVID has settled, TDC is looking for local people to work as Community Co-researchers and assist RMIT undertake surveys in community. We will be reaching out in the coming weeks to identify people from the various clan groups who can support RMIT to understand how people use digital services and where the gaps are. The results will guide Telstra investment into improved services in communities.

Village Takeaway opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8AM to 9PM

Saturday & Sunday – 6PM to 9PM

Restaurant Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 6AM – 8AM and 6PM – 8PM

Saturday & Sunday – 6PM to 8PM

Masks must be worn inside.

Please call ahead on 0458 165 331 for takeaway orders off the menu.

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