TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Message from CEO

It can be easy for us to be caught up in the day-to day activities that keep us very busy and lose sight of some of the important components to our work.

TDC has grown to a much larger business in recent years with diverse programs and services.

The diversity adds complexity and with complexity comes increased legal and ethical obligations to our stakeholders.

I’d like you to pause for 5 minutes and have a think about some of the complexity of your role and your workplace and see that you understand the obligations that come with it.

We have over 40 NDIS clients and over 50 Aged Care clients, some of whom have complex needs and some who are affected by mental health issues.

We operate in a service and support space where we interact with Government agencies and community families to coordinate support for these people.

The diligence we apply at all stages of our work is important and we need to be sure we do things properly, to the best of our ability, and thoroughly with regards to compliance and care is critically important.

The story at the link below is a tragic example of when things are not done as well as they should.

Please be reminded that what we do has an impact on people’s lives.

CEO Message Continued

We operate many complex work areas with obvious and not so obvious hazards. In all our tasks I expect us to undertake an assessment of hazards before we do anything. If we do not think of this, and carry on relying on luck, things will go wrong. The story at this link is an example of something going terribly wrong.

Please pay attention to your work, your obligations around OHS, your obligations to our clients and our broader stakeholders. If you are ever unsure if what you are doing is safe, please stop what you are doing and check it out.

Temporary Positions Vacant

TDC has two temporary positions for bilingual local people who have basic computer skills to support the RMIT team as Co-researchers in May – June.

The Co-researchers will help the RMIT team undertake a Digital Gap Survey for 5- 6 days, by communicating with people in community and entering data into a tablet.

The applicants must be committed to accompany the team when they arrive on all the days they are here. The skills needed are:

  • Computer skills for data entry into tablet.
  • Good communication skills and confidence to talk with people.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality of information.

Please see Tracey in the Top Office for more details.

All Smiles at the Kitchen

Virginia is all smiles as the takeaway gets back to normal.

The Kitchen team have been using the new Point of Sale System (POS) which was implemented recently. Scanners and barcodes will be introduced into the new system as soon as they arrive, which will help speed things up at the counter. Thanks to all the kitchen team for your work and patience in rolling out the new systems.

Eunoia and TDC NDIS in Action

Eunoia Lane Occupational therapy teams have recommenced delivering services to people living with a significant disability in Wadeye and Palumpa.

This amazing team have been working with the TDC NDIS service for over two years. During that time, they have assisted NDIS clients to receive important equipment to get out and about in community, access their home safely and, to learn new skills.

Thank you to our hard-working NDIS teams who help to organize for these services to be available to NDIS clients.

Rachael and Katelin coordinate the NDIS funding and reporting for these services while Suzanne Tirak, Alfred Thardim and Gaby Hall support these teams on the ground when they visit.

Biosecurity Fundamentals

On Wednesday, the Palngun Rangers participated in Top Watch Biosecurity Fundamentals Training at the Ranger station training room.

Indigenous rangers are critical to Australia’s ability to maintain an early detection system for exotic pests and diseases in remote coastal areas across the north and, training to understand how and what to look for is important.

Learning to identify and manage biosecurity threats early will protect our way of life now and for future

Post Office Always Delivering

The Post Office team have been undertaking training over the past few weeks, with Fran heading into Darwin to get some hands on training in the Darwin Post Office and Jim learning the new finance systems.

Saab stepped in to help while Fran was away, and Crystal from HR popped in to say hello and meet the team.

The post office team do an incredible job of managing community mail, the volume of mail and online shopping that comes in off the plane each days is staggering, and with no modern receival and sorting infrastructure , Jim and the team do an amazing job of getting it all sorted and ready for pick up. #GoTeam#

Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) Meeting

The Kardu Lurruth Ngala Purrungime (KLNP) Committee met on Thursday to discuss the SCfC program, and although there was not a quorum to make decisions, the group agreed to help round up the other committee members for a meeting next Tuesday. The KLNP group has an important role in determining the focus and activities to be delivered under the SCfC program. TDC was asked to assist with delivery of SCfC after the collapse of the two organizations who previously had custody of this program and has been delivering the program activities through its existing activity delivery model and partner organizations.

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