TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Happy Easter to All of Our Team

It is hard to believe that we are already nearly a quarter of the way through the year!

With plums and the fire season on the horizon and the dry season fast approaching, it is fair to say that things are only going to get busier, and 2022 will continue to get faster. We wish all our team and the wider community a Very Happy Easter.


Please stay safe, especially if you are travelling on the roads. With this being the first major break for 2022, we hope our team get a good rest, and we extend our thanks to those working in Aged Care and Village Kitchen who won’t get a break over Easter.

Bush Cooking & Fishing Day

The Women got busy on country. With a bush cooking and fishing day. Although there was no luck catching a fish, Naomi made delicious damper to share.

Thank you to Eve for all the work that you do in organizing activities for the women and girls.

TDC has recently appointed an Activity Program Manager, Kellie McNamara, who is working from Corporate Services to support the Activity Coordinators across TDC in generating and delivering new activities.

First Aid Course

We have booked a 4-day First Aid course for the 9th of May.

There are very limited spaces, so if you have any staff you would like included, please let Lynne know.

Details of the course are as follows:

HLTAID009 – provide CPR

HLTAID010 – provide basic Emergency

Life Support

HLTAID011 – provide First Aid

HLTAID013 – provide First Aid in Remote Situations

RTO: St John Location: TBC

Time: 8:15AM – 4:30PM for 4 days


Wadeye Nudges Elon Musk !

TDC has registered to get Starlink Internet Services in Wadeye, and Scott R has tagged Elon Musk on Twitter to give him (or his people) a heads up on the issues faced in community and a little nudge to speed things up!.


NDIS In Action – Bikes to Ears!

NDIS offer a wide range of support, that can look like anything from a child’s bike to hearing aids!

The NDIS Team had a rewarding week, delivering a new trike to Monica Kinthari (below) and helping her develop skills to ride safely, and also providing Henry Parmbuk (Below) with his new hearing aids. #GoNDIS#

Mi Marral – Pickers Wanted

Mi Marral (Kakadu Plum) season is here! We are taking registrations for pickers at the Women’s Centre Next Tuesday and Wednesday, so please let everybody know to come and see Eve and Kellie to register for picking.

Commercial Harvest of Kakadu Plum began in the region in 2008 and harvest was conducted through the Thamarrurr Rangers, harvesting 100 to 300kg a year. In 2013 the business expanded to include community members acting as independent harvesters, In 2021 more than 11 Tonnes of plums were collected by over 170 harvesters , making Thamarrur plums one of the largest wholesalers of Kakadu Plums.

Kakadu Plums has the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world, with the fruit from the Thamarrurr region, around Wadeye, having the highest concentration recorded across the trees range. #GetExcitedItsPlumSeason

Fire Management Protection

The Savanna Fire Management Team travelled to Malak Malak country near Wudikupildiyerr on Wednesday to prepare a water point and helipad for some aerial Gamba Grass spraying next week.

The Trip was a good opportunity to welcome the new Savanna Fire Management Project Support Officer, Louis Boyle – Bryant to the team and take hi on a bit of a tour.

Land Management Training

This week saw the rangers undertake their second week of training in Certificate II in Land Management, which included chainsaw maintenance and operation and the practical side of chemical management.

The new fire rangers participated in the training as we bolster up the numbers of Rangers in preparation for fire season.

With COVID restrictions lifting and people moving around the country freely, we are seeing new faces in the Ranger space as key positions are filled.

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