TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Message From CEO

Please be ready for the dry season coming up and clean up tall grass or junk lying around close to buildings and other infrastructure. The smell of smoke is already in the air, and it only takes one small fire to burn down a house or cause damage to your work area. Get on top of it now and call out for help if you need.

TDC is having a major positive impact in the community, and I noticed this at this week’s Interagency meeting. Attended by all agencies in town, it stands out when we talk through work that each organization does and how it is impacting. The work you all do each day is being noticed and people are grateful. If you hear people talking about TDC please encourage them to use our feedback form which is here Feedback Form and let us know what is going on, good bad and ugly, it’s all good to know. We can’t do anything about things we don’t know about!

I’m on leave for two weeks from today with Mark holding the reigns, please help him out as much as you can. Cheers and Happy Easter.

Welcome Back Chris Brady

TDC welcomes Chris Brady into the new role of Research & Enterprise Development Officer, three days a week.

Chris has a long history of working with TDC and the Thamarrurr Community, commencing as a Ranger Trainer in 2010 and taking on the role of Wild-life Enterprise Manager in 2011.

Chris has been involved in lots of exciting projects in Wadeye and surrounds, including native bee and honey pro-duction, crocodile egg to juvenile pro-duction as well as his long history with the Kakadu plum.

Chris will be working with the community to explore value-adding opportunities for Kakadu plums (lip balm and other remedies); and expanding the marketing and distribution of plums into ex-port markets.

He is also hoping to bring some cultivation expertise to Wadeye to work on developing plantation grown Kakadu plums.

Chris has been involved in many research projects in his previous roles with CSIRO and CDU and we are super excited to have him back in this new role. #WelcomeBackChris#

Land Management Training

TDC Rangers and Fire Rangers took part in land management training this week with Batchelor Institute.

The Rangers play an important role in protecting the biodiversity and cultural values of the country and continuously building the skills and knowledge of rangers is a fantastic investment.

Our newest fire ranger Alan Parry was surprised with a cake for his 19th birthday. Welcome to the team and Happy Birthday Alan.

The NLC is trial-ling work permit cards and TDC is participating in the trial.

The cards will be delivered to Wadeye next week. People working in community will be required to carry their cards while in community.

Healthy Homes Gardening Galore

The CDP guys have been approved to do income generating activities, so if anyone is looking to have their lawns mowed or gardens done the Healthy Homes team are able to do it.

All the money is divided between the local guys. Below is an example of a transformational garden makeover done recently.



Deborah is Food Safety Alert

Deborah Kolumboort successfully completed her ‘I’m alert in food safety’ course this week.

The course covers food safety principles as outlined in the Food Safety Standards- (Temperature Control, Food Receipt, Food Storage, Hygiene of Food Handlers etc.) and ensures that people working in food service understand the importance of food safety.

Deborah started working in the kitchen last week, working in all aspects of the kitchen and is doing a wonderful job. Congratulations Deborah, and great work.

Happy Birthday Assumta!

On Wednesday , the ladies celebrated Assumta’s birthday with a delicious chocolate cake .

Designer Shopping Bags

The Women’s Centre have been making designer reusable shopping bags and practicing their sewing skills.

The ladies will be very happy to sell the bags and will have some available for purchase soon.

Below is Esther with her beautiful shopping bag – designed and made by her.

Welcome to the Men’s Shed

Rex Owen had his first artistic experience in the Men’s shed last week, painting this cultural icon – the Aboriginal flag.

Gerrard Nilco has been working on this amazing barramundi piece below.

If you know any Men who would benefit from connecting with other Men in a relaxed and productive environment, encourage them to come down to the Men’s shed.

There is always a lot going on in the Men’s shed and it is a good opportunity for the Men to develop their skills in the arts, woodwork , tooling , gardening and many other activities.

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