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Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

CEO Chat with Scott McIntyre

This week, this year and right now more than ever, we need to remember to focus on what we can control, identify positives in our day and not get caught up trying to fix things that we can not fix.

With rising COVID cases comes the anticipation of positive cases in Wadeye. We do not want to see this, but it is inevitable. Our preparations and planning as a community will be tested soon.

What we can Control with regards to this is our own behavior. Follow the CHO Orders, wear a mask, maintain distance from others, practice excellent hygiene. We can not control what others will do. Don’t stress about that, work on yourself and feel good about that. My feeling is that soon this wave of cases will grow, then peak, then be over with. I am not a medical expert so that’s just my opinion, but there is not much we can do but let it play out and respond as and when we need too.

We have gone through a terrible time with break-ins and unsociable behavior in the community. We have many people affected at home and at work. We are not alone, and just this week we have seen the difficult discussions about the Clinic and its ongoing concerns. Again, we can not control most of this. What we can control is responses and reactions to these events.

Look for the positives in your day. Focus on what you can control. Remind yourself about why you are there and why you do the work you do.

Check In And Mask Up

Beatrice Tcherna and family were all set to head home when the new CHO directions kicked in. Under the lock out directions, all persons entering community from Alice Springs, Katherine, Greater Darwin or interstate must have a negative Rapid Antigen Test result, so there were a big mob of people in town who needed to get tested today.

Beatrice is doing her bit to keep community safe – getting tested, checking in with the Territory COVID APP and wearing a mask. #StayCovidSafe#

Icing Biscuits a Winner with Kids

The school holiday program is going gangbusters with Rhys & Jema keeping the kids engaged and busy with lots of activities

Rhys took the lead on making icing for the biscuit decorating activity. The kids loved this activity so much the first time they put in a special request to do it again.

AFL 2022 Kicks off

This week, AFL had their first juniors program back in Palumpa for 2022, and next week they will commence juniors in Wadeye, as a part of the school holiday programs.

The program runs – Monday & Wednesday Wadeye Juniors

– Tuesday and Thursday mornings Palumpa Juniors

This little West Coast supporter, wasn’t quite big enough to take part in the action, but was dressed up and ready for AFL day!

Thank you to AFL Wadeye for making this happen. Football is a fantastic way to learn team work skills and to burn off energy in a healthy way. #FootyRocks#

Protecting Wadeye from COVID

Wadeye Traditional Owners and Com-munity Members have requested all community members, residents and essential workers entering Wadeye have a negative Rapid Antigen Test prior to entry.

The East Arm COVID-19 testing site, located at 26 Nebo Road, will be the distribution point for the collection of Rapid Antigen Tests for people travel-ling to remote communities.

Please see below information regarding the Wadeye Clinic:

  • Due to reduced staffing levels the Wadeye Clinic will only be able to do “Emergencies and COVID Vaccinations ONLY”.
  • Due to reduced staffing levels the clinic will be closed 12-2pm for meal break.
  • COVID Vaccinations available 1st /2nd and Booster doses (inform clinic staff on your arrival to clinic) – NO appointments.
  • COVID Vaccinations for 5-11 year old’s are not currently available – Clinic will notify community when stock available.
  • Wadeye Health Centre are unable to supply community members with masks.

To take pressure of the Clinic we urge all people who have the opportunity to get boosters in major centers, please do so to take the pressure of remote community clinics. A reminder that the mandatory wearing of masks is currently in place.

Rangers Working on Country

The Thamarrurr rangers are straight back into working on country!

“Today’s work. Us ranger ladies looking for rubber bush and Marine debris at Ngamala, my daughter’s country” – Chrissie Jade Allison Tchemjiri, Thamarrurr rangers.

In the coming week we will be welcoming our new Ranger Manager Chris Wade . Chris has a range of practical and professional skills having worked in similar conservation and infrastructure management in Africa and the Kimberly’s in WA.

Peter Sheldon has been filling this role while recruitment has been underway. The chaos of COVID has delayed the process and Pete has been patiently holding the fort in leading the rangers.

Peter will take on the role of Savanna Fire Manager and will focus on the Carbon Project.

Alcohol Breath Testing

To contribute to a safer workplace, TDC will be introducing alcohol breath testing in the coming weeks, with the new policy being sent out next week. We are waiting on testing units to arrive, and they should be here shortly.

This policy will apply to all employees, contractors and volunteers who are conducting work or undertaking activities for, or on behalf of Thamarrurr Development Corporation, and any person who is in control of a Company vehicle, machinery, or piece of equipment (assets).

Some areas of the business will introduce random breath testing and high risk areas may introduce scheduled or daily testing.

Thamarrurr Development Corporation is committed to providing a safe work environment and has a duty of care to protect all employees, contractors, volunteers, visitors and assets.

All employees of TDC will be required to read and acknowledge the policy and participate in any testing requirements in work time ( or when in control of a Company asset) .

More details of how this will be rolled out will be available next week. If you have any concerns or queries about alcohol testing in the workplace please contact John Gawen or Tracey Leo.


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