TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

CEO Message – Scott McIntyre

It was great to see Senator Malarn-dirri McCarthy and her family in Wadeye, talking with people on the ground to get a greater understanding of what was happening. Senator McCarthy has been encouraging family groups, leaders, and government to keep trying to find a peaceful resolution.

Dheran Young has also been on the ground for the past week, talking with people and urging people not to engage in violence.

While the violence has eased, there is still a lot of tension, and we will all continue to work with family groups on a pathway to recovery and healing.

TDC has been working closely with West Daly Council to support the community and the NLC has contributed $100k to the recovery effort which will deliver food, camping equipment and other essential items to community camps.

TDC will be getting back to business as usual as NTG takes over the lead in the recovery efforts. Thank you to all of our team who have shown exceptional resilience and flexibility in these tough times.

Plans for New Renal Facility

Minister Natasha Styes visited Wadeye this week, to discuss the plans for the new renal facility. The new facility will help people who have kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), who may need dialysis, to have the treatment in community, reducing separation from family.

Angelica Kolumboort, local member Dheran Young and Minister Fyles spent some time together to consider the best location for the facility.

Making Camp Life Bearable

Healthy Homes men drilled a good number of toilet holes, but they are all on the west side of the camp. More toilet holes are needed to the south and the east to support the growing number of people migrating to the camp. On Thursday the men put in star pickets for privacy shelters around the western toilets.

Plum Harvest Kicks Off

MiMarral harvest got off to a slow start with around 100 KG collected so far. It was great to see people out bush and earning some money and keeping busy away from all the fighting in town.

New Team Members for H&C

Housing and Construction welcomed two new team members. Xavier Munar is Corey Bartons’ off sider, travelling to Peppi and Palumpa everyday undertaking the new RHM program.

This man is a quick learner and doesn’t mind getting sweaty and dirty when it comes to getting in and getting the jobs done. Xavier is one of H&C’s newest employees and loving every minute of his new role.

Paul Nudujlu also started recently with H&C, arriving down at housing with Xavier. Paul has taken to plumbing like a fish to water, and geez can this man work toilets sinks drains! It doesn’t matter what, he gets his jobs done with a smile on his face every time and to top it off, he is a Blues supporter, so he is an all-round winner! Both these Manthapa boys are pleasures to have in our team down here and have fitted in like family with us all.

Big Turn Out at Emu Point

Lynne and Tracey visited Emu Point on Friday to investigate a formal complaint that was lodged about the lack of CDP services being delivered in Emu Point and Wudikapildyerr.

TDC currently subcontracts out CDP service delivery to these two communities and the community is clearly not happy with the service.

Twenty-three (23) people from the small community of about 100 turned out to the meeting to share their stories and dissatisfaction and provide some clear messages about the expectations moving forward. Joe Parry and Terry Sam’s (pictured above with Lynne) are very strong community leaders and presented their case strongly. It is great to see such strong leadership in these two communities.

Orange Sky Back on Track

What a busy week for Orangesky, averaging 31 loads of washing a day!

A huge welcome and thank you to Brenda who joined the team in March and has done an awesome job making sure the laundry service is available to as many community members as possible.

The OS van will aim to resume its regular service schedule from Monday 9th at the following locations: Monday – Manthatpe Tuesday – Nilinh Wednesday – Top camp/chicken oval Thursday – Bottom camp Friday – Creek camp.

New Sport & Rec. Manager

TDC is very pleased to welcome Shane Wylie & Milo to Nganmarriyanga. Hitting the ground running, Shane has taken on the role of Sport & Rec Manager and is looking forward to sharing his extensive experience in Sport & Corporate Management with the Community.

It’s great to see the school clinic running again, the kids all tackled the obstacle course before diving into skills lessons and games.

Election Jobs With AEC

The AEC has jobs for people to help with the election on Saturday 21 May.

Most jobs are working in polling places on election day, but there are also jobs before election day, such as working in early voting centers, outposted centers and mobile polling.

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