TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Message From CEO

Thank you for being there when the community needs you.

Thank you to the Aged Care staff for keeping the ladies safe.

Thank you to Abbey and the Village crew for your flexibility and willingness to help out. I haven’t seen Gilbert this happy in ages with his clean clothes!

Thank you to Jarrod and family for looking after Gabrielle and family at Merrepen and driving out in the afternoon in the rain with boxes of food.

Thank you to Lea, Pete, Chris, Jordan, Boyde and everybody who is volunteering to help with the testing.

Thank you to Rhys and Jema who have been working tirelessly to support the people of Palumpa.

Thank you to those in the Darwin office who are keeping the business running and keeping us going.

When the dust settles on this, I think the community will say a collective thank you for everything that you’re doing.

You might see some media attention on some of the things that are happening. Please understand this is being used as a last resort after all formal mechanisms of communication are not getting the response that we need.

My feeling is that this wave will pass quite quickly given the number of cases and the rapid rate of infection.

We will continue to a focus on the welfare of the community with food and basic needs. The village will remain open for vulnerable people if it’s needed, and we will continue to work with all levels of government and community to get through this. Thank you. Scott.

What a Week!

The week kicked off with nurses from NT Health landing on Sunday to commence a testing regime. On Monday the communication network went down, and all mobile phones and internet were out. The team managed to communicate out on satellite phones, and Scott Roxburgh worked remotely to get some comms up and running at the broadcasting office.

The Management team gathered periodically to check in with the Darwin team, to try and get clarity on the coordination of a COVID emergency response.

With NTG backflipping on isolation and evacuation processes, as well provision and access to food and essential items, the TDC team pulled together to coordinate its own response.

Peter Sheldon with his NTES hat on, took the lead on coordinating volunteers to help with testing and delivering food packs and John Gawen working in the background with other agencies to coordinate the food packs.

Volunteers Lead the Response

Peter Sheldon and Lea Brady lead the volunteer effort to support the nurses with COVID testing across the community.

As people lined up to get tested, the first days testing identified a 40% positive infection rate.

NTG has now declared that only sick people will get tested, and positive people will be required to isolate at home, unless they become very unwell.

The rapid rate of changes in directions and slow communication of changes has been causing havoc on the ground as people struggle to understand what they are supposed to do if they tested are positive.

Heart Break for Rhys & Jema

Rhys and Jema have been working tirelessly to support the Aged Care clients and the people placed into forced isolation in the resource Centre.

They have been left heart broken by the unnecessary challenges being thrown their way. All of their work to get the resource center up and running has been destroyed by over-crowding.

To top it off, they found their vehicle was drained of fuel as they headed out to drop meals off to Aged Care clients.

A team of volunteers headed out with Scott McIntyre to clean up the devastation as the Centre was vacated. Followed by the COVID hygiene team who did the infection control clean.

Overcrowding Causes Chaos

The Palumpa resource Centre turned into chaos as the numbers of people put into forced isolation rapidly exceeded the capacity of the makeshift isolation facility.

Scott McIntyre spoke to ABC news to draw some attention to the plight of Palumpa.

Cleaning Team Heroes

A big thanks to everybody who got involved in cleaning this week.

Abbey, Kate, Kay and all the team chipped in to get the PWAC dongas cleaned and livable and Scott McIntyre and helpers all got their hands dirty bringing the Palumpa resource Centre back to normality.

While this week has been an extraordinarily tough one, everyone has pulled together to do whatever has needed to be done. What an amazing team!!!

Positivity Plus at the Workshop

Marc Stanley and the team have been keeping their workspace upbeat, with a positive affirmation board to remind people not to forget the positive things in all the craziness.

The workshop was doing its bit to be remind people to stay COVID safe with this hygiene station and signage set up at the service station.

#Awesome work Team#

Congratulations Michael!

Michael Kurawul one of our fresh out of high school boys, that was doing work experience with us is now full time. #WellDoneMichael#

Michael has really taken to the welder and loving building the concrete tilt panel walls for our new builds. After a few delays we now finally have the 2nd house erected in airport drive with the following two soon to follow. #GoH&CTeam#

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