TDC Update


Our Mission at TDC is to develop all commercial opportunities on behalf of the clan members throughout the Region to advance our key aims of providing local jobs for local people and, in the long term, ensuring every child has a chance of a full life.

Mesaage from the CEO

As you will be aware, the last week or so has not been great when it comes to the fighting and disruption in the community. We have had houses and offices broken into and not a great feeling around the place when this is going on. It can be personally confronting too, whether it is seeing things down the street or the noise at night. No one likes it.

I want to remind you of two things:

It is not about you. The cause of fighting and disruption can be from many things, but it will not be about you, and will not be something you need to take personally. Staying clear of areas where fighting is happening, avoiding hot spots, is the best method to manage yourself through these periods.

Do not get involved. This is not helpful and is in fact against our Code of Conduct. Even sitting around watching it is no good. It adds to the theatre. When there is a fight at the footy these days, the umpire blows the whistle and calls play on. We need to play on. When things stop because of fighting, it adds legitimacy and attention to it. It is not worth even glancing at.

Please try and avoid allowing yourself to get drawn into a place where the highlight of your day is what happened in the fight. It’s not about you, not about us, not productive or appropriate to pay attention to it.

If these sorts of disturbances cause your personal concern, please feel free to reach out for a chat at any stage. I am more than happy to engage in a discussion to help you work through your thoughts and observations.

Da Ngimalmin Coming to Life

Tobias Nganbe has moved into his new office in the Da Ngimalin Children & Family Centre, and he could not be happier , with his smile beaming across his new desk .

The Da Ngimalmin project was established as a result of the Human Rights Commission investigation into government underspend and a lack of support for education in the Thamarrurr Region.

The project objective is to establish an improved approach to education and training by bringing the community and education systems together. The project encompasses all aspects of a person’s education, from infant, early childhood, through to adulthood.

Da Ngimalmin (the roots/foundation of everything) Child & Family Centre aims to support families and reconnect children with community and country while developing and strengthening traditional knowledge systems.

The Kardu people of Wadeye know that a strong sense of self, connection to family, kin, language, spirituality and culture are integral components to developing personal identity and the foundation for positive social and emotional wellbeing.

Many people have ‘un-wellness’ in their life because they become disconnected with the Kardu way of life that is influenced by contemporary and historical experiences.

Da Ngimalmin is the Kardu way of ad-dressing the social and emotional well-being of our people, especially our young people.

Cultural Heritage Tours Kick Off

Mark Crocombe has kindly agreed to conduct tours through the Kanamkek-Yile Ngala Museum in Wadeye.

The museum has one of the largest Aboriginal cultural heritage audio and visual collections in Australia and dis-plays a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, and scientific importance.

Mark has been the custodian and caretaker of this unique collection and has been a strong advocate for getting investment to preserve and showcase this treasure chest of culture and history.

All staff are encouraged to take a tour with Mark, who has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Wadeye and its people.

Thamarrurr Youth Home Hygiene

A big shout out to the Thamarrurr Youth Yellow Shirts Team, who are continuing to deliver home hygiene packs to help the community eliminate germs in homes.

The home hygiene packs include bleach , disinfectant and other cleaning items to help people combat scabies , COVID , skin sores and other infections that are easily transmitted in crowded , humid conditions.

New TDC Website Taking Shape

Kim Edmundson and Scott Roxburgh have been busy working behind the scenes to get the new website up and running in time for a May launch. The web site will include an e-commerce platform to support art sales, plum sales, accommodation bookings and other commercial activities, and a modern new look and feel.

Kim visited Wadeye recently to capture some images and had a ‘shoot off’ with Mark while out on the Ranger boats. These photos show Kim taking a picture of Mark taking a picture of Kim and Vice Versa!

NAKPA Meeting in Broome

Anna Karui, Virginia Gilbert, Beatrice Tcherna and Scott McIntyre travelled to Broome this week to attend a meeting with the Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance.

NAAKPA was established to protect the interests of Aboriginal enterprises and communities in the Kakadu Plum industry. It aims to encourage ethical sourcing of native fruit while protecting the interests of Aboriginal communities and their traditional knowledge. The alliance is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from each Aboriginal enterprise.

The ladies also got to do a field trip led by Neil Gower from Mumabalumjin Corporation.

Palumpa Movie Night

Jema and Rhys organized a movie night at the Palumpa Resource Centre for the local families.

The movie night was a big success – with the first movie of choice being Spiderman! There was a massive turnout of around 70 people, and they went through a lot more popcorn than we expected. The kids can’t wait for the next one! A massive thanks to Rhys and Jema for organizing this. This pair never cease to amaze us with their enthusiasm for generating activities.

Mental Health First Aid

There was great turn out to the Mental Health First Aid Courses held at the 100-man camp village.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is designed to teach participants how to provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health problem or worsening mental illness and covers what to do if someone is experiencing a mental health crisis. A big thanks to Lynne Jackson and the CDP team for organizing this course.

CDP Site Visits to Emu Point & Woody

NIAA & TDC visited Emu Point and Woodycupaldiya to check in with locals and discuss the current CDP activities happening in these areas.

About 19 locals attended the Emu Point meeting a presented a range of issues and ideas for new activities.

It was great to meet Abeena, a new member of the NIAA team and to catch up with our local NIAA team member Steve Wenzel. Thank you to all the locals who turned out to meet us.

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