Uriah Crocombe

Began work: 2014 Country - Wadeye

About Me



  • Weed management – spraying Mimosa, Mission grass, Gamba grass, Rubber bush
  • Feral animal survey and eradication
  • Quarantine work with NAQS checking blood, meat
  • Track clearing and clearing up outstations
  • ENI Bore monitoring and SPM reports
  • Maintain vehicles and equipment
  • Boat patrol – check on fishing boats
  • Fisheries survey and biological testing NTG Fisheries
  • Taking traditional owners out on country
  • Building crocodile traps
  • Erect signs on Aboriginal land
  • Prescribed burning
  • Planning with traditional owners, Government agencies
Highlights of job

·       Boat patrol

·       Feral animal management

·       Weed spraying



·       Long term ranger

·       Team leader for men

·       Recruit young strong rangers

·       Improve computer skills

Training   USI: WNMR3DA8YP student number Date Completed
Drivers licence C
First Aid 2016
Gun training Firearms licence current
Coxswains 2016
Quad bikes 2016
Chainsaws 2016
OHS Level 2 2016
Chemcert 2016
Operational maintenance of machinery level 2 2016
Heavy machinery – grader, truck, loader Pre - rangers
Aboriginal interpreter service training


Training plan

Certificate IV CLM

Computer training