Marie Manby

Began work: 2003 - 2004, 2016 Country - My mother country is Fossil Head.

About Me


  • Weed management – spraying Mimosa, Mission grass, Gamba grass, Bellyache bush, Rubber bush
  • Quarantine work with NAQS checking blood, meat
  • ENI Bore monitoring
  • Taking traditional owners out on country
  • Support old people with bush food, medicine, weaving supplies
  • Clearing up outstations
  • Marine debris
  • Recycling and rubbish art
  • School education programs
  • Erect signs on Aboriginal land
  • Prescribed burning
  • Planning with traditional owners, Government agencies
  • Nursery work

Highlights of job

Cleaning up around base, gardening and nursery, working with school kids


Gain gardening and machinery skills – chainsaw, mowers, whippersnippers

Training plan

Certificate II CLM/Rural Operations,

Computer skills, LLN for recycling and work, machinery maintenance and chainsaws