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TDC’s Mechanical Workshop is a local workshop and fuel outlet based at Wadeye, and the main provider of mechanical services to local people and service organisations in the Region.

The Workshop operates 5 days / week with 24/7 self-serve fuel outlet, and accepts purchase orders and credit cards. The Workshop specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles and heavy machinery service and repairs, and is fully equipped with latest tools and automotive computers to provide up to date mechanical services.

There are 3 qualified and experienced mechanics, as well as a local Indigenous mechanic who is completing his training. With a small local team, the Workshop has developed constructive relationships with local people and service organizations, providing an effective, reliable and timely service.

Email: workshop.manager@thamarrurr.org.au

Phone: (08) 8978 2233

Fax: (08) 8978 2283

TDC Workshop offers the following range of car and diesel machinery service and repair options:

  • Servicing, including log book service, manufacturers handbook service, fleet management
  • Road worthy inspections
  • Air-con repairs/service
  • Tyre repairs/replacement
  • Window/glass repairs
  • Batteries
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Suspension and steering
  • Radiator and cooling system service
  • Brakes and brake service
  • Automotive diagnostics and a range of other mechanical services